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Letter: We are not speaking out because we’re ‘sore losers’

We are not speaking out because we’re ‘sore losers’

Until this election, Wilson was a brand of tennis ball and Ford a type of car. I could hardly name the presidents, let alone felt strongly one way or the other about particular policies or parties. Now, with a force and magnitude unusual for many, myself and friends along with millions worldwide have risen up, found platforms for self-expression and dissent, and are becoming learned and focused like never before.

Only to be dismissed as “sore losers” or “whiners,” as if this simplistic and contrite summation explains this degree of pushback. As if President Trump’s characterological deficits, lies, efforts to dismantle much of what makes our country just and decent, and his work on enacting policies that threaten safety, a sustainable environment and equality are not good enough reasons. Such logic is as ridiculous as Trump himself!

Donna Bingham


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