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Letter: Defense more critical than social programs

Defense more critical than social programs

County Executive Mark Poloncarz blasting President Trump’s budget as coldhearted and callous is like the pot calling the kettle black. For years, an overabundance of social programs have been available, including welfare, food stamps and other government giveaways, at the expense of the middle class.

Cutting back on social programs is not favorable, but it will force people to adjust to alternatives like job training and temporary services leading to full employment, drug testing and background checks.

Democrats now more than ever do not want to see these benefits cut due to many career politicians who use these benefits as an engine that drives and keeps them in power.

To me our security and health and welfare as a country are more important than religious fanatics who look at beheadings and chemical and nuclear war as alternatives to our welfare.

There are no alternatives when our security is at stake, therefore, defense programs need to be updated, renewed and enforced.

Anthony Hammill


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