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Letter: Canalside could have offered something for NCAA visitors

Canalside could have offered something for NCAA visitors

Much has been made of the changes in our city since the last time Buffalo hosted the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The “New Buffalo” is something that residents of Western New York know and have experienced. The changes and new energy in the city have been positive and in many cases quite dramatic. But before we pat ourselves on the back for being great hosts and listen to quotes from visitors on how nice their experience was, we should look at areas of improvement for the next time.

I would first start with the crown jewel that is right next to the arena. There was a large missed opportunity to provide some sort of programming at Canalside. Visitors who passed by were met with chain-link fences and no resemblance of the vibrant area that we tout during the summer and winter months. It would be hard to imagine if visitors would even recognize the huge improvements that have been made to the waterfront and consider a return visit with their families.

New Buffalo is great, but let’s not get so caught up that we are not able to see areas for vast improvement to make the city a place that is as nice for visitors as it is for its residents.

Christopher Caughell


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