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Letter: Why don’t the Democrats practice what they preach?

Why don’t the Democrats practice what they preach?

Some random thoughts on the idea that the political climate in this country is getting scarier by the day.

The Democratic Party likes to represent itself as the party of diversity and tolerance. Yet we see recently that when a college or university invites a conservative speaker to the campus, the liberal left-wingers’ protests often result in violence and riots. And don’t even get me started on “safe spaces” and “micro-aggressions!”

The Democrats also like to demonize the Republicans as the party of obstruction; it’s been about 60 days since Trump was inaugurated and he still doesn’t have his entire Cabinet seated. Gee, I wonder who’s holding things up? I can’t wait to see the circus that will unfold when they take up his Supreme Court nominations.

As far as the Democratic “leadership” is concerned, I don’t know which scares me more – the policies and positions of folks like Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Maxine Waters, or the people who keep re-electing them.

Philip A. Kaczmarek


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