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Jerry Sullivan's Power Take: Resting players is part of the game

Am I supposed to take a stand against guys taking a seat? Last Saturday, the Cavs sat out LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love in a national TV loss at the Clippers. Resting players is rampant in the NBA, which is on pace for 300 healthy scratches, far and away a record.

Critics say it's unfair to fans, who pay good money to see the top players. I agree with James, who says his coach's job is to win a championship, not a single game. If that means resting guys near the end of a grueling schedule to keep them healthy for the playoffs, so be it.

Irving has a sore knee. Love just came back from knee surgery. James has a lot of minutes on those legs. Can you blame Tyronn Lue for wanting to preserve his guys for a grueling postseason? I feel the same way I do about NFL playoff teams resting players in the final week of the regular season. They're looking at the big picture.

Sure, the NBA has too many games. But it's big business and cutting the schedule means less money. Fans have to live with the prospect of stars missing games. When Cleveland fans were celebrating in the streets last June, I doubt anyone was complaining.

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