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Front page, March 20, 1917: Drunk man jumps through window on Chippewa Street to avoid arrest

Here are some highlights from the Buffalo Evening News of March 20, 1917:

* President Woodrow Wilson was expected to submit his plan for war to Congress. A state of war had practically existed for some time as German submarines openly fired on American ships, but the U.S. was not yet an official part of World War I.

* The Secretary of the Navy ordered recruiting officers to be prepared to enlist women in the naval service in the event of war. Women would be needed to take the shore jobs of men who were sent to fight in the war.

* New York Central Railroad cars were held up by robbers from a well-known South Side family. The robbers were thought to be hiding out at an Athol Springs hotel.

* After an officer arrested a drunk man on Chippewa Street, the man attempted to get away by jumping through a heavy plate glass window at 21 W. Chippewa St. The article describes the frenzied scene: "Not content with that, he jumped forward and went through the glass on the opposite side, carrying with him divers and sundry collars and neckties which had been in display in the case. The policeman pounced on him before he could untangle himself from the wreckage."

Here's the front page of The Buffalo Evening News from March 20, 1917:

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