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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending Nov. 11, 2016.

• Cambria Road, Margaret Dudek; Janice M. Moskalik to Richard A. Balling, $160,000.
• 4396 Ridge Road, Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to Kayleigh A. Rushford, $105,000.
• Cambria Wilson Road, Joan B. Greig; Warren D. Greig to Katelyn R. Britton; Robert E. Britton Jr., $25,000.

• Ridge Road, Karen A. Fizette; Kent-Michael Fizette to Jesse Kibbe, $91,500.
• Mill St & Johnson Creek Road, John J. Kasperek to Glenn Neubauer, $26,250.
• Mill St & Johnson Creek Road, Christine H. Kasperek; John J. Kasperek to Glenn Neubauer, $8,750.

• West Park Drive, Susan B. Denson; Beatrice H. Phelps to Patrick A. Fish, $198,000.
• Ridge Road, Constance Brown Harvey; David H. Harvey to Paul Urban, $182,500.
• Meadowbrook Drive, Joan Laurendi; Vincent J. Laurendi Sr. to Craig J. Gonzales, $175,000.
• Bk Rr, Lee Simonson to Mary L. Jennings; Paul J. Jennings, $135,000.
• Hillview Court, Thomas S. Deal to Lynn M. Hamalainen, $124,900.
• Tryon Drive, George E. Decker; Whitney W. Mallam to Bryan D. Odonoghue, $119,000.

• 330 Plank Road, Sandra Hejza to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, $86,325.
• Washington St., Kathleen Haley to Scott Dabill, $83,096.
• South New York St., Brett R. Dust to Richard N. Rutherford, $82,000.
• South St., Daniel J. Johnston; Elve Johnston to Mingwei Chi; Yizhong Chi, $56,000.
• Clinton St & North Adam St., Sharon A. Carns to Nicole A. Mollen, $55,900.
• 34 Coolidge Ave., Ann A. Dinicolantonio; Frank S. Dinicolantonio; Ronald Dinicolantonio Jr.; Maria A. Sauer to Carol Dinicolantonio; Frank S. Dinicolantonio, $40,000.
• Harvey Ave & Cottage St., William H. Rarick to Alejandra Gomez Gonzalez; Arturo Galicia Gonzalez, $23,000.
• 453 Vine St., Fannie Mae to Patrick A. Filipovich, $8,000.

• Lincoln Ave Ext, Kathleen L. Baehr; Cheryl A. Bloomingdale; Bennett Kleitz Jr.; Bennett L. Kleitz; David Joseph Kleitz; James Arthur Kleitz to Roberta G. Betsch, $157,000.
• 4853 Gothic Hill Road, John G. Potrubacz to Household Finance Realty Corp of NY, $152,178.

• 3476 Murphy Road, Lorraine Palock to Robert J. Papia, $147,000.
• Orchard St & King St., Keith T. Harpst to Linda Ann Hiller; Robert E. Hiller Jr., $145,000.
• Lockport Olcott Road, Amy Smith Hartman; Steven W. Smith to Judith Naylor, $121,500.
• 24ridge Road, John C. Jancef to Jan O. Jancef; Mark B. Jancef, $30,000.

• 3631 Miller Road, Cynthia Kozlowski; Joanna M. Perry to Michael Lapp, $145,000.
• 74th St., Richard E. Rusaw to Shaun P. Krzyskoski, $88,477.
• 72nd St., Brian R. Gertz to Alec A. Lemanski, $87,000.
• 7806 Lindbergh Avenue, Linda L. Kane; Richard B. Kane; Linda Lee Sodano to Joyanne Vail, $84,000.
• Independence Avenue, Robert J. Shaughnessy III to Mark J. Roma, $70,000.
• Monroe Avenue, Catherine Shannon to Roxanne E. Kneeppel, $48,000.
• 1518 Pine Avenue, Michael Gawel Jr. to Niagara Bookkeeping And Accounting Services, $48,000.
• 1205 Maple Avenue, Louis R. Destino to Louis Destino, $45,000.
• 7714-7716 Buffalo Avenue, Theodore B. Jackson to Ranjit Singh, $43,500.
• 8514 Witkop Avenue, Selene Finance; Srmof II 2012-1 Trust /att; US Bank Trust National Assoc -Tr/att to Kim M. Alianello; Michael P. Alianello, $40,000.
• 548 29th St., Keybank National Assoc to Kweb Properties, $12,000.

• Old Falls Boulevard, Rebecca E. Albert; Samuel A. Albert to Robert Walter Plant, $291,000.
• 51 Jesella Drive, Kevin M. Bruce; Sherwood R. Tremble to Joseph W. Siegmann, $110,000.
• Forbes St., Anthony C. Ippolito; Ronald A. Ippolito to James Baer; Josephine M. Baer, $100,500.
• 82 Bk B Linwood Avenue, Cheryl L. Gibson; Thomas C. Gibson to Travis E. Szewczyk, $95,000.
• 82 Bk B Linwood Avenue, Michael L. Aiken; Cheryl L. Gerdes; Cheryl L. Gibson to Travis E. Szewczyk, $95,000.
• Falconer St., Doo W. Sung to Christopher J. Cicero; Nicole Cicero, $51,900.
• Christiana St., Keith Mckenzie to Anthony G. Cevaer, $44,000.
• Nash Rd & Harding Avenue, Stanley W. Armol Jr.; Sandra L. Knoell; Sandra L. Patton; Gary Scozzafava; Leona L. Scozzafava to Kevin D. Clark, $35,000.

• Paddock Ridge Road, Barbara E. Mumford; Barry V. Mumford to Jaclyn N. Finiki; Timothy J. Finiki, $460,000.

• 122 124 126 128 130 132 134 Main St Villa Condo Unit #23, James Manuse; Judie Robinson Mackay Living Trust to Kenneth D. Rowe; Susan M. Rowe, $200,000.
• 3695 Ransomville Road, Lorraine Woodean; Margaret L. Woodean; Timothy S. Woodean to Christiana Trust -Tr; Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb -Tr, $155,000.
• Porter Center Road, Christopher Sodano; David P. Sodano Jr.; Mark Sodano to Linda L. Kane; Richard B. Kane, $76,000.
• Lockport Youngstown Rd & North Lake St., Joshua D. Newman to Pmc Real Estate, $65,000.

• 4049 Root Road, Ginger Burg; Robert J. Burg to Mcm Capital Partners -Tr; Ventures Trust, $276,043.
• 6112 Griswold St., Richard E. Raduns; Vivian L. Raduns to Eric H. Haase, $23,000.

• Kusum Court, Brian M. Remmel; Richard F. Remmel to Anam Haseeb, $235,000.
• Demler Road, Jeffrey A. Cuenin to Rebecca Elaine Albert; Samuel A. Albert, $185,000.
• Lockport Road, Joseph R. Berube; Mark David Berube; Sharon M. Seland to Alicia M. Kirsch; Karl E. Kirsch, $111,000.
• Washington St., Steven Cholewa to Dawn M. Guercio; Jacob Guercio, $72,000.

• Wilson Burt Road, Deborah Gancasz; Deborah Jo Leible to Jory M. Roblee, $145,600.
• Harris Road, Barbara Nashwinter; Jeffrey Wayland to Kiera A. Campbell; Markus S. Campbell, $139,900.
• Ontario St & Lake Road, Ellen M. Beitz; Joseph P. Beitz to Derek Bond; Laurel Riefler-Bond, $29,000.

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