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WVU's Bob Huggins wants rules committee on ice - in Buffalo

West Virginia coach Bob Huggins doesn’t like the idea of the men's college basketball game switching from halves to quarters, and he has an idea to limit rules changes in the game. Hold the annual meetings in Buffalo instead of Palm Springs, Calif.

“I think we oughta stop having our rules committee in Palm Springs,” Huggins said Friday as his team prepared to face Notre Dame Saturday in the NCAA Tournament. “I think because they just feel this need to make changes to justify them being there. . . . I think we oughta have them here in Buffalo – in February.”

There’s a movement in the game to switch to quarters, which are used at the high school, international and professional levels. NCAA women’s college basketball switched to quarters this season. The NIT men’s event this year is adopting an experimental rule in which team fouls are re-set to zero after 10 minutes of each half. Huggins is against it.

“What’s wrong with our game?” he said. “I mean, I don’t know what’s wrong with our game. Why do we need four quarters? I think everybody plays four quarters in high school and they can’t wait to get into college and play halves.”

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