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Letter: Simplistic solutions ignore reality of complex problems

Simplistic solutions ignore reality of complex problems

I am often amazed at the simplistic solutions offered by some letter writers in this column. A recent writer suggests that the selfish actions of teachers only hurt other women. His daily jaunt to the corner store, supermarket and gas station before stopping for ice cream allowed him the chance to question the women working and waiting on him at each stop. His position after speaking to these women is that they could not afford to stay home in protest.

He feels it is more appropriate to criticize professional educators’ actions than to try to understand why they were protesting in the first place. Instead of trying to attack the professional educators for their protest, he might have considered that these women, and men, had become empowered through work and education to become voices for the very women he had “talked to” and were unable to advocate for themselves.

Maybe these issues are not so simple and require one to ask himself why.

Vincent P. Arnone


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