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Editorial: Bits and pieces from the news

It’s more than a little creepy that the Rath Building recently came under assault by bedbugs. And it’s hard not to sympathize with the 30 Erie County employees who were allowed to go home early, with a promise of a paid day off.

That’s what County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw told workers, but it appears he was premature. County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz says the comptroller overstepped his authority and that workers who left will have to use sick, personal or vacation time or be docked nearly a full day’s pay. It may be right, but it stinks, anyway.

The Legislature might want to find a way to give them a break, but if not, claiming a sick day over a sickening infestation seems legitimate in our eyes.

Photos of Pan, a small moon of Saturn, are making us hungry.

Pan appears like a “floating ravioli lost in space,” as described by the New York Times. Or, a walnut. Or, a flying saucer … maybe one looking for a ravioli or walnut.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took the photographs last Tuesday, passing within 15,268 miles of the moon, which is about 20 miles in diameter. That is about the size of New York City and, while small for a moon it’s pretty big for a ravioli. Enough for everyone – let’s eat.

And this just in, the possibility, even remote, teenagers may be swapping drug use for smartphone use.

The New York Times reported on the “possibility” that teens may be choosing devices over drugs. Some experts are open to the idea because smartphone and tablet use has exploded during the same time period drug use has declined. Doesn’t prove cause and effect, but scientists are willing to consider the evidence.

When it comes to drugs, just say no. Answer that text message instead.

Welcome to Buffalo! So the city said to its visitors attending the NCAA Tournament, even as parking lot managers set about trying to gouge those guests to the tune of $50 apiece. Are they kidding?

Lots near KeyBank Center – including one leased out by The Buffalo News – were charging exorbitant rates that don’t exist for other sold-out out events at the arena, including concerts and hockey games. It was embarrassing.

The good news is that the market had its way. As drivers stayed away in droves, the rates fell – collapsed, actually – falling to $20 by 2 p.m. It will be interesting to see what the pricing is for today’s games.

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