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Letter: We all should be in favor of protecting water, air

We all should be in favor of protecting water, air

When Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring,” she was warning us of the devastating impact of pesticides, particularly on bird life; her foresight was met with political apathy. Modern studies now show that the victims aren’t only birds, but humans – especially children.

Our drinking water contains lead, pesticides, prescription drugs, plastics and other deadly elements. “Acceptable” levels of these poisons are determined by bureaucrats with little or no scientific expertise. Locally, the protocols emplaced by the Erie County Water Authority – a joke of an entity, staffed by political suck-ups – don’t provide nearly adequate protection.

Throwing a darker shadow comes our new EPA director who aims to slash the budget protecting our precious Lake Erie water supply, while President Trump has decided to add to our bloated military by eliminating nationally crucial protections on our air and water.

Lately it has become acceptable to think of facts and science as negotiable. Some people smirk at “tree-huggers.” But if you enjoy breathing air and drinking water, you, my friend, are an environmentalist.

If our government’s moves do not motivate you to get involved, take a moment to think of your youngest family members and ask yourself: to poison, or not to poison? You are shaping their legacy. And that fact is not negotiable.

Joseph N. Weiss, Ph.D.


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