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Letter: Wait for all the facts about suspect’s death

Wait for all the facts about suspect’s death

It behooves me to read the untimely article in the March 7 News titled, “Spotlight on 2 cops as death is probed,” whose primary focus was to convince the public the two Buffalo police officers who stopped Wardel Davis were decent officers. Davis, unfortunately, died at the scene. It’s obvious the days of trusting our dedicated law enforcement officers – whose job is to depend on their knowledge, experience and instinct when patrolling our neighborhoods to keep us safe and crime-free – are over.

Evidenced by both officers’ exemplary employment records, they are credible and incredible at what they do for our city. This is not to discredit Davis’ family, whom I have the deepest sympathy for. We are all anxious to know how Davis lost his life. Let’s wait for the autopsy report, the facts, investigation results and testimony under oath from both officers before we attempt to convince the public these officers were, indeed, just doing their jobs. That should be assumed before planting a seed of suspicion in the public’s mind.

And lastly, it doesn’t matter what ethnicity these officers are, as mentioned several times. They are both brave, dedicated and respectable law enforcement officers.

Kathy Hall-Zientek

East Aurora

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