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Letter: Trump-Russia link must be investigated

Trump-Russia link must be investigated

The continuing revelations of connections between President Trump and Russia should alarm all Americans.

Not even two months into this administration, we have seen two major executive appointees admit to lying to cover up contacts with the Russian ambassador during the campaign. Mike Flynn, briefly National Security adviser, resigned in disgrace. Jeff Sessions, newly appointed attorney general, has amended his confirmation hearing testimony and agreed to recuse himself from further investigation into the matter. He has lost credibility and should resign as well. Reports have surfaced of contacts between additional close Trump associates and Russian operatives.

The CIA, FBI and National Security Agency all agree that Russians were behind leaked emails from the Clinton campaign, and that this was done to assist the Trump campaign. If Russia did meddle in the election in order to damage Clinton, what did it hope to gain?

What is going on here? Why did Flynn, Sessions and others try to conceal their conversations with Russians? What was the nature of the contacts? Why did the Trump organization request, and receive, a change to the Republican Party platform to favor Russia over Ukraine? What are the financial connections that may make Trump vulnerable? Congressional investigations have begun, but how thoroughly will Republican-led committees pursue controversy surrounding their president? There are too many questions.

This is a matter of national security. Foreign interference in American elections and administration is unacceptable. We need independent investigation of the Trump-Russia connection, wherever it leads.

Jane G. Lehman


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