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Letter: State, local agencies must step up efforts

State, local agencies must step up efforts

I am troubled, though not surprised, by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s latest denials of established climate science. Pruitt is nothing more than a puppet for the fossil fuel industry. He will never acknowledge man-made climate change, regardless of evidence, because of his self-serving agenda to protect coal and oil interests.

The Trump administration’s reckless disregard of climate change is occurring just as the impacts of global warming are accelerating. Every year is now setting new records for global temperatures. Given the obstinacy of this administration, it is vital that state and local agencies take on a greater role in combating climate change.

Fortunately, renewable energy costs have been declining and are now competitive with fossil fuel costs. There are already more U.S. jobs in clean energy than in the fossil fuel industry. These trends will help to offset the damage inflicted by this administration.

Robert A. Krohn


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