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Letter: Office of president is forever tarnished

Office of president is forever tarnished

No, I am not disappointed in President Trump. He is everything many of us knew he would be: bizarre, off-center, scary, nasty, unqualified and more. My disappointment lies with 62,979,879 of my fellow Americans, who with their votes, have placed our country on a dangerous, downhill, slippery slope and have tarnished the office of president forever.

There are two specific actions that I believe we will see springing from the Oval Office. First, that our president will create, or nurture, a national or international crisis, of one sort or another, to divert our attention from his bumbling administration. Second, that he will not be able to control himself from taking an action that will qualify as an impeachable offense.

In the meantime, we can only hope the Republicans will wake up and care more about our country than their party, and their positions in it. But likely not.

William R. Meetze


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