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Letter: No one should be denied health care

No one should be denied health care

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan recently made a very persuasive presentation, regarding the “death-spiral” of the Affordable Care Act. His graphs showed declining competition in many counties even as medical premiums rose markedly. However, he did not show the dramatic increase in profits realized by insurance providers, nor did he show the escalating and obscene salaries given to the executives of these same organizations.

While discussions rage on about the affordability and accessibility of health insurance, the true debate has been virtually ignored. Health insurance is a consumer product, not unlike a cellphone. Health care, on the other hand, is not a consumer product, it is a needed service. It ought to be a constitutional right for every American. Most Americans aren’t looking for “access” to affordable health insurance. They are demanding comprehensive, universal health care.

I find it unconscionable and antithetical to our shared American values that people seek to profit from others’ illness and misfortune. Somebody needs to tell that to Trump, Ryan, Mitch McConnell and their fellow travelers.

Bruce Mitchell

East Aurora

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