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Letter: It’s absurd to blame Trump for division

It’s absurd to blame Trump for division

When Barack Obama was elected president, the media were quick to point out that the country was in a mess and we all needed to give him our support. I did not vote for him but he was my president, like it or not, and I did not protest but I gave him my support. I just could not support his policies.

Now President Trump has been elected and all the left can do is protest saying, “He is not my president!” The media reported that the country is in better shape than when Obama took over, which is debatable.

Now the left has wasted no time blaming Trump for the problems he inherited. A recent writer to this column wrote: “Not since the Civil War have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands seen their once inviolable bonds of family unity stretched to their limits; often experiencing a complete irreversible break. How could this have happened again?” To blame this division on the Trump administration is ludicrous and absurd. Just as it took the country more than two months to become so divided that it led to the Civil War, it took longer than two months to divide this country as it is today.

Protesters are protesting what they think this administration will do, not for what it has done, and seem hell-bent on destroying it instead of supporting it. It seems that a Republican president does not get the same consideration as a Democrat. This administration cannot succeed without the total support of our country.

William L. Herby


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