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Letter: Embrace imperfection and leave Skyway alone

Embrace imperfection and leave Skyway alone

I would like to second the proposal of a letter writer who suggested keeping the Skyway and preserving a one-of-a-kind view of Buffalo’s harbor. I’ve been saying this for years! As Buffalonians, we should have learned by now that we’ve got lots of mistakes. When we embrace them, good things can happen (see: Larkinville, Silo City and the Erie Canal terminus).

I’ve been walking and enjoying events under this traffic artery for a few years, and as far as I can tell, it’s not in the way of anything. In fact, it’s opened up some terrific green space underneath. Picture an elevated walkway/bike path through each truss running the entire length. A scenic, covered connection to the Outer Harbor. Maybe some small retail shops at the base of each selling refreshments and summer eats. Make each vertical block of concrete a canvas for local artists. And hey, it might be fun to see some zip lines for those who want to take in the view in a different way!

I’m skeptical of those ridiculous numbers we are told would be required for maintenance and the low numbers used to justify tearing it down and building something new. Come on. For relocating a major traffic highway? I think it would cost 10 times the amount they are projecting. It’s cheaper and better to just embrace the imperfection. Enjoy the view.

Tony Duggan


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