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City Hallways (March 16) No hints on upcoming library vote

Tuesday decision

Two big historic landmark cases come before the Council next week.

The  North Park Library building.

The Crosby buildngs on William and  Pratt streets.

Normally, we'd know by now how the Council would be expected to vote in each case.

The Council reviews most  issues coming before it a week in advance at committee sessions, when the committee decides how it will recommend the full body votes.

Typically, the committees follow the lead of the Councilman whose district an issue is in.

In this case,  the library building is in Delaware District Councilman Joel  Feroleto's district.

The Crosby buildings are  in the Ellicott District, represented by Council President Darius Pridgen.

Land marking requests for each were on the Legislation Committee agenda this week, and the committee voted to forward the requests to the full Council for Tuesday's meeting.

But Feroleto opted to send the library buildng request to the  full Council without making  a recommention, which is what Pridgen also did with the Crosby buildngs.

I spoke to the law makers after the committee meeting.  Feroleto didn't give any indication of how  he'll be voting on the library. Pridgen hinted he doesn't think it's necessary to landmark the Crosby buildings since the owner already said he plans to save the  buildings but is opposed to local landmarking, and the immediate neighborhood isn't pushing for landmarking either.

We'll find  out Tuesday.

Buffalo ranked below Amherst

A group called the Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government has graded websites of local governments.

Amherst came out on top among the 16 government sites reviewed with a score of 77 out of 100.  Wheatfield was second with a 75.5  followed by Buffalo, in the No. 3 spot ,with a 63.

At the bottom of the list was the Village of Lewiston with a 29.

Here's what the group said about Buffalo's website:

"Meeting agendas and board packets are posted but not for five years. Meeting minutes are posted but not for five years. Citizens are not allowed to speak at full Council meetings. Buffalo to their credit is one of the few municipalities that records and posts video of their meetings. Telephone numbers and email addresses are posted for all elected officials. Telephone numbers and emails are not posted for all department heads. FOIL information and instructions are not posted in a visible place on the home page. Elected official financial disclosure forms are not posted online. A Notify Me link for citizens to receive email notification of meetings and public hearings is not located in a visible place. Five years of budgets are posted."


Today's calendar items

Council claims committee scheduled to meet this morning.

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