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Letter: SAFE Act won’t deter criminal use of guns

SAFE Act won’t deter criminal use of guns

The editorials and news articles on the homicides in Buffalo are a good indication that the NY SAFE Act is a decided failure when it comes to what has been called “gun violence.” The proper term should be “criminal misuse of guns.” Commissioner Daniel Derenda said Buffalo police have taken 87 guns off the streets so far this year. Obviously, the universal background checks are not working. We shouldn’t expect them to work because the simple problem is that criminals don’t obey laws.

This is similar to the problem with illegal drugs. All illegal drugs are banned, yet the addicts don’t have a problem getting their supply and drug overdose deaths far exceed the deaths caused by criminal shootings. If there is a demand for a product, there will be a supplier of whatever it might be, drugs or guns.

The SAFE Act does keep the Amish from buying guns because they can’t have a NICS check. To get one, a person needs a photo ID and the Amish can’t, according to their religion, have a photograph of themselves. The Amish are known for their honesty and gentle ways. They are definitely not known to be violent.

Now is the time to repeal the SAFE Act or at least repeal it for upstate New York. It is discriminatory and it causes the loss of the right to keep and bear arms without due process. The Ortt Bill to do this is submitted. It deserves the support of all people who believe in constitutional rights.

Budd Schroeder

Chairman Emeritus, SCOPE


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