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Letter: Democrats’ obstruction is hurting our country

Democrats’ obstruction is hurting our country

The CIA leaks are the latest in an unprecedented effort by Democrats and others to distract, obstruct and undermine a president whose election they cannot accept.

Last October, we were assured that our national election could not be “rigged.” After Hillary Clinton lost, the media and Democrats flip-flopped, uniting behind the dubious theory that Russia somehow hacked the election to benefit President Trump.

In January, the Washington Post outlined Sen. Chuck Schumer’s strategy to “slow walk” Cabinet appointments, and a New York Times front page headline read “Wiretapped data used in inquiry of Trump aides.”

Trump’s temporary travel ban order covering Iran, Iraq and five failed states enjoyed majority support among the public. Despite this, it was instantly met with suspiciously well-organized protests around the country and Democratic lawsuits.

So far, Schumer’s strategy has been a resounding success: only two Trump Cabinet nominees were confirmed by Inauguration Day, and the average wait for the next 11 was one month. This stands as the worst performance in living memory, and in stark contrast to the expeditious treatment afforded Obama’s 2009 nominees.

All of these destabilization efforts represent a clear and present danger to the American public given the precarious state of the world at this point. Some months after the last disputed election, and while a media consortium was still doing its Florida recount, Osama bin Laden launched an attack on what he correctly judged to be an otherwise distracted United States, killing 3,000 people.

Malcolm Vanderburgh


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