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Bob Huggins loves Buffalo, especially for the fishing

Buffalo has been kind to Bob Huggins.

In 2010 his West Virginia Mountaineers went 2-0 in the NCAA tournament games in the downtown arena, setting up the team's run to the Final Four.

So it's nice to be starting the tournament in a place of familiarity, a place with success. A place with ... snow?

"We always want to go somewhere that has good weather," Huggins said when asked if it was nice to be starting again in Buffalo. "So, you know, we were excited to hear you're going to get 20 inches of snow."

It was classic Huggins humor. But really, he does like Buffalo.

"We're really comfortable here," Huggins said.

"I really like Buffalo. I actually came up here and went fishing. How about that? I bet no other coach here has been fishing."

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Huggins said he went fishing on "Lake Erie and it was terrific. Great smallmouth fishing. You only have to go out half a mile, maybe, if that. It was great. Then the other guys in the other boat caught a bunch of walleye. So it was fun."

Fun, too, is a Bob Huggins press conference where he answered questions about everything from fishing to fashion.

"I used to wear a tie. I did the whole deal," Huggins said when asked about changing from the conventional suit to a team pullover on the sidelines. "I mean, I had a tie, vest, I mean the whole deal.

"Do you want to hear the whole story? The whole story is this: I had a suit and tie on and we're playing somebody, and I'm at Cincinnati, and I go in, and I'm like I got to put something different on, because I had sweat all of the way through my suit and my vest. They were heavy.

"So they brought me a pullover, and I put it on and coached the second half in a pullover. I was walking in, my athletic director said, 'I just want to tell you, you look really good in that pullover. That's really what coaches should wear.' So I started wearing one. Which was good until I got the new president and the A.D. denied saying I looked good in a pullover. So, be careful who you trust, is the moral of the story."

On a more serious note, Huggins talked about his health after he had a scare during a game on Feb. 20 when he fell to his knees in the first half of a game against Texas. Huggins, who suffered a heart attack in 2002 when he was the coach at Cincinnati, said his defibrillator went off. He's feeling fine.

"I feel great. I really do," Huggins said. "I've been through a battery of tests and everything's good. I don't really want that defibrillator to go off again, though. I've never been kicked by a mule, but I could imagine it's pretty much the same thing. But I feel good. I actually feel like I have more energy now than I did at some other points in time this season."

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