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Micro review: McDonald’s new Chocolate Shamrock Shake

We are loath to admit we have never tried the famous McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. So when we learned that the company rolled out a new Chocolate Shamrock Shake along with a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, a Shamrock Hot Chocolate and a Shamrock Mocha for the season, we decided it was worth our once-a-year trek to the fast-food giant.

You can order multiple seasonal Shamrock beverages at McDonald's.

Why once a year? Because after we visit we think, "OK, that's enough calories for the rest of the year."

Because we needed a "why we are going to McDonald’s” cover story, we picked up one of our favorite opinionated nephews, Christian (a.k.a. MiniMan) for a Friday night foray into the world of Shamrock Shakes.

We hit up the newer McDonald’s on Transit Road near Losson Road close to Mini’s house. He has dubbed it a “next gen McDonald’s” because of its modern decor, stone fireplace and background music playing songs like Lou Rawls, “You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.” (Mini still bemoans the loss of the McDonald’s PlayPlace on French Road, soon to be a dental office.)

A fireplace at McDonald's on Transit Road near Losson Road.

Mesmerized, we watched the shakes come out of the giant shake machine, then headed to a cafe height table near the fireplace with the rest of our meal, the requisite Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, seasonal-ish Filet-O-Fish and fries in tow.

Me: I have never had a Shamrock Shake.

Mini (no judgment): I think you're going to like it.

We must admit the presentation could be better. The color difference between the two shakes was barely discernible. And missing was the maraschino cherry as pictured on the menu screen (and many floating shakes on the ceiling).

Shamrock Shake decor included floating shakes (with cherries!).

To be fair my regular Shamrock Shake did have green sprinkles, so maybe they were out of cherries?

Taste: Despite not having the dark chocolate color, there was a definite taste difference between the two shakes. The chocolate does come through.

MiniMan declared the chocolate version "really good," while I must admit I really enjoyed my first Shamrock Shake ever. I was expecting something overly minty, but was surprised that despite the abnormal green color, it had a nice mint-vanilla taste. Was it as good as a shake at our favorite hot dog stand Taffy’s? No, but not bad.

We cannot speak for the other Shamrock items, but we do predict the Chocolate Shamrock Shake will be on next year's menu. (And hopefully with cherries.)

In the meantime, here are hilarious reviews of all the products from folks at the Chicago Tribune.


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