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Letter: It’s a joke to say GOP gave Obama a chance

It’s a joke to say GOP gave Obama a chance

A recent letter said, “Time to stop crying, give Trump a chance.” For the writer’s information, we, the non-supporters of President Trump, are not crying. We are laughing our heads off. Laughing at both his inability to stop tweeting false information, while decrying the press, and his scam regarding his declarations during his campaign and his actual actions since the election.

“Drain the swamp” has become: Find homes for all those people who donated to my campaign. “Make America Great Again” has become: Destabilize America by appointing people to Cabinet positions who hate the Cabinet they oversee. “I have never had ties with Russia” has become: Well, maybe I did, but it was innocent.

The writer’s statement that President Barack Obama was elected with nothing more than a degree and little experience denies the fact that he was an elected senator, with more experience than Trump will have even if he completes his term.

The statement that Obama was “given a chance” is pure malarkey. Sen. Mitch McConnell stated from day one of Obama’s presidency that the Republicans would do everything possible to make him a one-term president and, failing that, they worked endlessly (or rather didn’t work) to defeat every proposal Obama put forward.

After dozens of votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they came up with the worst proposal for middle-class Americans and the elderly that could have been set forth. Even many Republican congressmen are against it, along with AARP and the medical profession, but the 1 percent love it, because it gives them a tax break. (Like they need it).

I’m laughing because I see the folly of the last election. People thought they were getting gold, and they got fool’s gold. I worry for the future of this country, but I will enjoy laughing at the next four years of tweets.

David R. Battaglia


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