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Letter: Human beings are the same, they just don’t realize it

Human beings are the same, they just don’t realize it

There is one race in this world, and it is the human race. Rather than distancing ourselves from others due to our perceived differences, why do we not seek similarities?

Human beings are suffering throughout the world. They are being slaughtered due to the region they were born into, their pigment and other factors beyond their control.

The situation you are born into has nothing to do with your value as a human being, your intelligence or your ability to contribute to society. Refugees are seeking to come to our country because they fear for their lives. Yet hate seeks to keep them out of a country founded by immigrants seeking religious freedom. After 250 years, our nation is more backward-thinking than upon its founding.

Rather than separating ourselves from people because we are unfamiliar with their culture, why not learn more about them? Rather than being ignorant, why not educate ourselves? Rather than hating others for our differences, why can we not value those differences and respect other perspectives?

In a world so technologically connected, we are disconnected from emotion and human connections. We should strive to improve ourselves and improve the world. Open your mind, open your heart; stop thinking too much and feeling too little. Anything you learn, you can unlearn. Let’s unlearn the hate and make the world a better place.

Kevin Brown


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