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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending Nov. 4, 2016.
• Upper Mountain Road, Keith Trosterud to Beth K. Conrad; Michael P. Conrad, $177,500.
• 4755 Marjorie Drive, Joseph Moran; Joseph T. Moran to Bmg Property Holdings, $141,401.
• Upper Mountain Road, Paul D. Mccollum; Lynne D. Mueller to Tyler Brosch; Diane Mccollum, $106,000.
• 4900 Townline Road, Carl E. Stalker to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $95,502.
• Saunders Settlement Road, Betty J. Wells; Theodore L. Wells to Eric Allen; Krystie Allen, $90,000.
• Vandusen Road, Lillian S. Skora to Theresa Prezioso, $35,000.

• Ellicott Road, Amanda A. Wagner; Brian J. Wagner to Frederick P. Blue III; Kirsten J. Incardona, $160,000.
• Ridge Road, Norman Douglas Farewell; Norman W. Farewell to Mark C. Nicholas, $81,000.
• Ridge Road, Norman Douglas Farewell; Norman W. Farewell to Mark C. Nicholas, $7,000.

• Dana Drive, David J. Wilson; Lisa M. Wilson to Jeffrey A. Baxter; Judith A. Baxter, $250,000.
• Hillside Drive, Laina Mancini to Lauren Pereles; Reid Pereles, $200,000.
• 254 Bk Oo Plain St., Craig L. Barnum; Craig Luther Barnum; Tricia Vacanti to Thomas B. Burrows, $197,500.
• Annwill Condo Unit #19, Lynda M. Dimond to Erin C. Briganti; Joseph E. Briganti, $75,500.

• 1080 Hinman Road, Carl W. Walck; Laurie A. Walck to 1080 Hinman Road, $180,000.
• Trowbridge St., Alexander L. Hazlett to Julia M. Vogt, $120,000.
• Elmira St., Tiffany C. Hertel; Chad J. Plants; Marcia A. Plants to Sherry A. Lewis, $81,500.
• Erie St., Jessica A. Marsh; Benjamin A. Martin; Jessica A. Martin to Stephanie A. Vanwagner, $80,000.
• Park Lane Circle, City of Lockport New York to 501 Park Lane Circle, $10,000.

• 7082 Old English Road, Deborah A. Nichols; Gregory P. Nichols to Abfc 2006-Opt2 Trust; Wells Fargo Bank National Assoc -Tr, $334,853.
• 6254 Hamm Road, James E. Nogle; James Edwin Nogle; Jim Nogle to Citimortgage, $259,164.
• Fieldcrest Drive, Jolene A. Micoli; Russell A. Micoli Sr. to Jessica L. Micoli, $120,000.
• North View Drive, Beth K. Conrad; Michael P. Conrad to Trevor Richardson; Alisha West, $117,500.
• Academy Lane, Amanda K. Klinshaw to Jenna Lea Geiger; Dylan Wilson, $85,000.

• Williams St., Patricia L. Campbell; Brian J. Costello; Carolyn M. Leibring to Robert A. Fuller, $82,000.
• Murphy Road, Richard C. Wasik to Mary E. Weymouth; Richard J. Weymouth, $12,000.

• 14 military Rd & Niagara Expressway, Buffalo Lube Realty to Scf Realty Capital, $969,700.
• Maple St., Carrie Veltri; Pietro Veltri to Tanya M. Ramirez; Daniel L. Weiss, $140,000.
• Witkop Ave., Kate E. Johnston; Michael R. Johnston to David R. Eschborn, $139,900.
• 200 63rd St., Karen E. Cuddahee; Patrick Cuddahee; Patrick J. Cuddahee; Karen E. Haseley to HSBC Bank USA NA, $122,783.
• Terrace Drive, Rjf Student Properties to Robert D. Hubbard, $84,000.
• 75th St., Patrick A. Jensen; Carol M. Sensabaugh to Marylynn C. Clarke, $80,300.
• 890 92nd St., Janet M. Sharp; Janet M. Trower to Herbert John Metzger, $74,200.
• 2475 Independence Ave., Michael D. Lapp to Sequita Y. Ray, $73,500.
• 820 Chilton Ave., Keefe Ira Mary; Horizon Trust Co -Cust to DHGF, $55,000.
• 2414 Michigan Ave., Hooks Handyman Service to Amir & Aviv Gabay, $48,000.
• 224 81st St., Todd A. Beyer to Ronald A. Healey Jr., $44,000.
• Elmwood Ave., Karen Stein to Victor Acevedo, $29,000.
• 1010 22nd St., Dale A. Dibble; Patricia H. Dibble to Hooks Handyman Service, $27,000.
• 20th St., Silver Tie Homes to Wing Properties, $20,500.
• Spruce Ave., Charles Dell; Nancy Dell to Jtm1990, $20,000.
• Lasalle Ave., Jermaine A. Mcdougald to Michael Urban, $17,500.
• 1624 Niagara Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Dasmen Cary, $16,500.
• -145 Bk A, Joanne Circle to Sandro Viola, $12,000.
• Falls St., Miro Peric to Jtm1990, $12,000.
• 2723 Lasalle Ave., City of Niagara Falls New York to Renee Mathews, $10,000.
• 2890 Mckoon Ave., City of Niagara Falls New York to Angel Melendez, $8,000.

• Sweeney St., John E. Kiendl; Rosemary K. Leistner to Brittany Finnegan-Zandi; Tyler Zandi, $148,000.
• 77 Porter Ave & 81 Porter Ave., Scott A. Depaolo to Deborah C. Woods, $129,000.
• 216 Thompson St., Stanley M. Czaja to Jacob Reid, $110,000.
• 195 Division St., Eric Allen; Krystie Allen to Michael A. Matthews, $105,000.
• 214 Ward Road, Laurel A. Skuce; Michael J. Skuce to Joshua J. Hebert, $95,000.
• 210 Ward Road, Laurel A. Skuce; Michael J. Skuce to Joshua J. Hebert, $95,000.
• Leah Drive, Kim Komonchak to Michael T. Fisher, $90,000.
• Linwood Ave., Timothy W. Brenon to Ronald D. Bork, $83,000.
• Wall St., Donna Cochrane; Joshua Cochrane; Joshua Paul Cochrane to Dawn Marie Schrader-Wurl, $50,000.
• 73mr Warner Ave., Joann M. Meyers; Melvin J. Meyers Jr. to Helen M. Durkee; James E. Durkee, $33,000.

• Pendale Drive, Fred J. Zdyb to Carolyn J. Manz; David M. Manz, $225,000.
• 5551 Oakwood Drive, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Unisource Realty, $64,500.

• 1705 Harrison Lane, Stephanie M. Smeal to Elisabeth A. Etopio, $162,000.
• 2137b Lake Road, County of Niagara New York to Nicholas J. George; Sharon L. George; Mark Hergst, $46,000.

• East Ave., Gina Carter; Philip Patrick Ficarra to Gina Carter, $60,000.
• 8109 West Ave., County of Niagara New York to John A. Deck, $34,000.
• Freeman Road, David J. Smith; Smith Sharon E H to Mark A. Goldstein; Sarah S. Goldstein, $24,500.

• Walmore Road, Spirit Spe Portfolio 2007-2 to 84 Properties, $767,538.
• Town Line Road, Ludwig-Staggers to Elite Heat Allstars, $750,000.
• Loveland Road, David A. Dangelis; David Anthony Dangelis; Joseph A. Dangelis to Nathan K. Putorek, $360,000.
• 3417 Lakewood Drive, Jennifer H. Kaltman; Scott D. Kaltman to Douglas J. Kalota, $319,875.
• David Dr Ext, Donna M. Iacono; Frank A. Iacono; Donna M. Rydza to Craig Berwaldt; Linda Berwaldt, $274,900.
• 68mr River Road, Michele Patterson; River Bitt Corp to Paul R. Dotter, $100,000.
• Errick Road, Howard J. Brubaker Jr.; Kathleen A. Brubaker to Howard Brubaker III, $70,000.
• 6993 Ward Road, M & T Bank; Manufacturers And Traders Trust Co to John Justice Irrevocable Trust, $26,993.
• Knottingwood Drive, Willow Development to G T Custom Built Homes, $20,000.

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