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Letter: Teachers’ selfish actions only hurt other women

Teachers’ selfish actions only hurt other women

Last Wednesday, I made my usual rounds – the corner store, the gas station, the supermarket and the ice cream store. At every location, a woman waited on me.

When I asked them why they weren’t observing “A Day Without a Woman” and staying home, to a person they all answered that they could not afford to miss a day’s pay.

Then we have teachers. Several school districts in the middle Atlantic states had to cancel classes Wednesday because female teachers were going to take the day off. Teachers have such great benefits that these teachers won’t miss a day’s pay.

I wonder if they thought about the women who would have to spend money to find a caregiver for their children who will miss a day of school? They end up penalizing the very women that they were supposedly supporting. Maybe those poor, oppressed teachers should consider the ramifications of their selfish actions. March and protest all you want, but do it on your own time. I respect the women I see every single day of the year, not just one.

Whitey Nichols


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