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Letter: Many of us disagree with Trump’s policies

Many of us disagree with Trump’s policies

I’ve just finished reading the My View column by Saladi Shebule, a Somali immigrant in the Buffalo community. He speaks about the concerns of immigrants in light of the election of President Trump. He worries that people in the immigrant community feel they are now more likely to be judged for their differences in religion, accent, clothing, etc.

I have similar worries. I am an older Caucasian woman and worry that I may be mistaken for one who voted for or supports the policies of this president. I do not want to be mistaken for someone who thinks that national security requires walls and refugee bans. Or that public education should be weakened with voucher systems. Or that climate change is not a scientific reality. Or that regulations protecting the environment or consumers should be eliminated for the benefit of corporate interests. Or that gender issues are threatening to freedom of religion.

On virtually every issue I stand apart from the policies and social culture currently being implemented. I want the world to know that I am not a participant in this political realm.

Michelle Johnson

Grand Island

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