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Letter: Growing distrust stifles intelligent conversation

Growing distrust stifles intelligent conversation

Every day I take my 30-minute drive home and listen to satellite radio. I enjoy listening to all news, political and talk radio stations to learn all sides and takes on issues to keep myself informed and entertained.

On one recent drive home, the magnitude of the challenges we face with regard to our politics, policy and news hit me square in the face. In my drive, I was informed, and I paraphrase: Do not trust the left, do not trust the right. Do not trust the mainstream media, do not trust the fringe media. Do not trust the FBI, CIA and IRS. Do not trust the current president or the former president, because they lie or state mistruths. Do not trust the courts if they do not rule in your favor. In fact, only trust me, the messenger of the news that you happen to be listening to right now. And since so many of us only listen to and believe the news that supports our views, what to do?

I ask myself how we can have an open dialogue on what is right and wrong to get to fixing things that are broken. The level of distrust seems to be growing like a science fiction plague.

I think we start by accepting that every one of us is different and has different goals, wants and needs. And we all have different ways and means to get there. We need each other’s input and feedback, good and bad. A meeting of minds can only occur by listening, giving the other party acknowledgment and respect for their views and beliefs, and then working toward a compromise and solution that gives each person a reason to feel good about the solution that was agreed to. And then applaud each other and move on to the next challenge.

Richard B. Gunn


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