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Letter: ‘Fake news’ should put all Americans on alert

‘Fake news’ should put all Americans on alert

In an attempt to see the glass as half full in these extremely negative times, I would like to make the argument that the recently created phrase “fake news” could be a positive. How can the argument be made in support of such a negative term? For me, I now consume all news with much more care and attention. Not that I didn’t before. But now I ask myself: Does this make sense? Is it logical? Are there multiple independent sources? Are both the left and right print and broadcast news sources reporting the same stories consistently? If so, the story just may be true.

This new phrase “fake news” has to be kind of tough on professional journalists who pride themselves on accuracy and veracity. A well-trained, college-educated journalist probably cringes every time he or she hears the term, and rightfully so. It’s insulting to the profession. So let’s hope that we are now more attentive to the news we consume and ensure that it appears reasonable and sensible before we repeat it.

The media are vital to our democracy, so let’s be sure we are properly informed. This is not really applicable to social media news and commentary, which appear to be more emotional and biased than factual.

Lou Speranza


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