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Letter: All states should require a permit to carry pistol

All states should require a permit to carry pistol

New Hampshire just joined a list of 10 other states that do not require a license to carry a concealed pistol. Sixteen more states are considering similar legislation. Is it really possible, in this day and age, that 27 states will allow their citizens to walk the streets carrying a concealed handgun with no licensing? It’s insane, as well as dangerous.

New York law does not recognize other states’ pistol permits while traveling through the state. According to CDC data for 2015, New York has the third-lowest gun death rate. That says volumes about the stringent nature of our pistol permit process.

Since our police have trouble verifying the validity of a pistol permit by a visitor to New York, how will they handle a visitor to New York from a state that requires no pistol license at all?

Enter from the right our representative, Chris Collins, who is a co-sponsor of the House version of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill (H.R. 38). This states’ rights champion is about to force upon New York (and all states) a federal law recognizing the pistol permit (or lack thereof) of any state, for visitors traveling through New York. This is dangerous for our citizens, as well as an impossible situation for our police departments.

Is this your vision for the future of handguns in our society? Certainly not mine.

Peter Leyonmark


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