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Letter: President divides nation by promoting hate, fear

President divides nation by promoting hate, fear

I’m confused. The president began his speech to Congress by stating, “… we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms.” So why then, does this president continue to push his hateful agenda? Muslim bans and border walls exploit undercurrents of evil and irrational fears. They do nothing to make us safer.

Hate can take many forms, but it’s the subtle use of blanket statements branding large groups of people that are the most sinister. Consider the president’s use of the term, “lower-skilled” immigration. Or, consider why the administration made it a point to invite the families of three Americans murdered by immigrants to really drive home their point that we’re under threat at our Southern border.

The president invoked 9/11. He cited the Boston Marathon bombing and San Bernardino shooting. He falsely claimed that a majority of terror attacks since 9/11 have come from outside the country. I guess that’s why he chose to leave out the deadly Pulse Nightclub shooting that took the lives of 49 people last June.

Sometimes what’s left out of a speech is just as important as what’s put in.

Either way, if the president truly wants to condemn evil, he can start by changing his tone and abandoning policies that divide us.

Jason Hugar

North Tonawanda

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