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Letter: Perhaps Russia wanted Clinton to win election

Perhaps Russia wanted Clinton to win election

All these many months, the media and the Democrats are obsessed with the intrusion of Russia into the 2016 presidential election. Everyone is and should be concerned that an adversary of our country intruded into our political system. It’s a good thing that we are investigating to find out how they did it. My question is why they did it.

Most of the media and most of the Democrats have concluded that Russia was tampering to help Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. I disagree.

Think back to last September and October. Did anyone other than Trump fanatics really believe that Trump could possibly win the election? The answer is a resounding no! The professional smart money was on Clinton to easily win. Bookmakers from Las Vegas to London, England, had Clinton anywhere from 12-1 to 15-1 odds to win the election.

Why then did the Russians hack? The answer is logically simple. I believe they did it to undermine, demean, scandalize and remove all credibility of a newly elected president Clinton. It surely would have worked had she won. Clinton, her gang that couldn’t shoot straight, her husband and others provided so much fodder that it appeared that Russia was in Trump’s corner. Common sense says otherwise.

Timothy B. O’Shei


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