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Letter: No reason to persecute those who look different

No reason to persecute those who look different

I have been dawdling over what I am told I need to do. One of the hardest choices I ever made was to leave India to try to realize my scientific dreams. It is needless to add my “immigrant” struggles to countless others. Suffice to say, I can pit my life’s work as a scientist educator and claim the right to being a worthy citizen.

Yet I have to crawl to a post office with completed forms and a photo ID to get a citizenship card (to carry in my wallet all the time). It appears “they” can, at any time, stop those who look different and demand papers and citizenship.

Why? Because some of my fellow citizens did not care, were not confident enough and felt the need to drum up fake zeal and faux patriotism to push people like me into corners. Some were apathetic and others were busy arguing out ideological purity, thus enabling the rise of this injustice.

One can say I don’t have to. My survival instinct, on the other hand, runs contrary. Still, I hesitate. I get a faint idea of what it must have been like in Germany during the ’30s, where identifying differences became the law. How is this different?

Rama Dey-Rao, Ph.D.


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