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Letter: Kudos to the president for enforcing our laws

Kudos to the president for enforcing our laws

Why is it that there are still some people who don’t understand what the word “illegal,” as in illegal immigrant, means? To the gentleman who said that he feels that Mayor Byron Brown should declare Buffalo as a sanctuary city, really? President Trump said he would possibly cut federal funding to these sanctuary cities. So, would that gentleman and others want to pay more taxes to make up for that loss of funds to the city? Probably not. We are already an overtaxed state.

I have one question for the people who support sanctuary cities: Is there a town, village or city where I can “hide” when I don’t want to pay my bills, taxes, insurance, renew my driver’s license and get my car inspected? I believe you get the picture.

Laws are laws. We can’t pick and choose the ones we like or don’t like. I don’t like the law against having tinted car windows but I just had to have it removed in order for my car to pass inspection. Immigration laws have been on the books for years. We now have a president who wants to enforce them.

Watch Fox News and see how the Mexican government’s video showing illegal immigrants in the U.S. how to avoid deportation! What if the shoe was on the other foot and we did that to Mexico? It would tell us to stay out of its business.

It’s time that everyone in this country gets behind the president and stops whining. Apparently, this country isn’t that bad – everybody is still trying to come here!

Karen Gall


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