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Letter: Enforce Green Code on new development

Enforce Green Code on new development

Portrayals of concerns about recent development projects often have a tone that suggests that citizens are the bad guys and opposed to progress. Never do we see a headline that says, “Developer again submits Green Code noncompliant project.” Elmwood Village residents recognize that we are stewards of a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood and we overwhelmingly support appropriate development.

We so want appropriate development that we spent five long years going to Green Code meetings, resulting in unanimous approval by the Common Council and mayoral signature to great acclaim. We did this so we could stop spending our free time poring over zoning applications, developer plans, demolition requests and going to so many public meetings. We want development and we want developers to have an easy-to-understand road map. We have that now in the Green Code and now we need to follow it.

Some recent proposals for the Elmwood Village, and elsewhere, are not Green Code compliant. Claims that significant variances are necessary for a successful project are unsubstantiated and present self-created hardships. Green Code compliant projects are being built right now that show it can be done.

Variances must be denied for non-compliant projects. The city must take a strong stand that the Green Code is indeed Buffalo’s new development road map.

Deborah Williams


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