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Letter: Time to stop crying, give Trump a chance

Time to stop crying, give Trump a chance

Yes, the game of shame. Tit for tat, back and forth; no I didn’t, yes you did. It’s my football and I’m going home if I don’t get my way. Sound familiar? The never-ending, unintended hypocrisy of our political system.

If you’re a regular news junkie, the parallel to our currently downgraded political system, partially generated by the news media, is nothing short of a dissatisfaction with the victorious administration of President Trump. You can either like him or hate him, but the fact remains he is the president of the United States.

The democratic thing to do is give him and his administration a chance. President Barack Obama was elected with nothing more than a degree and little experience. His administration was given eight years to put forth its policies. Some were worthwhile and some didn’t make the grade. But he was given a chance.

Now it’s time to get over the fact that the country decided it was in need of a change in its governing and its views of where our country should be headed. It’s time to stop acting like third-graders, put on your grown-up pants and let the new administration see what it can accomplish. Our democracy tells all of us that if your expectations are for naught, you have the opportunity for change in a short four years.

Mark Neupert


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