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Letter: Reject fear-mongering and live your life fully

Reject fear-mongering and live your life fully

In a recent letter in this space, an experienced police officer wrote that people could only be free when they are safe. While I applaud his lifetime of service to his community, and welcome his perspective, I must disagree with his premise.

The fight for freedom does not always require putting on a uniform and picking up a combat rifle. Sometimes it requires people to refuse to live life in fear, hiding behind locked doors and closed drapes at home, lunging for a shotgun at every odd noise, or hesitating to go out in public unless they are in view of a security camera or SWAT team.

I would rather risk being killed in an armed robbery or terrorist attack than spend my life enclosed in an ever-encroaching bubble of government surveillance and control.

It is time to reject the fear-mongering. Go forth with your head held high and your eyes open, and begin to live life fully, bravely, as we were meant to.

Paul M. Gannon, R.N.

West Seneca

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