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City Hallways (March 8): Pridgen says Central Terminal is good place for train station

Pridgen on train station

Posted just before 7 p.m. Tuesday on Council President Darius Pridgen's Facebook  page:

"Just my opinion: Train stations should go where train stations were. Canalside should be for relaxation not planes, trains and automobiles. . . . We have a chance here to build a neighborhood that has seen much better days. Money has already been invested in Canalside, let's put some in other areas."

Pridgen's comments come on the heels of Rep. Brian Higgins' renewed call to replace the Exchange Street train station – and perhaps the NFTA bus station, too – with a new station at the long-vacant Central Terminal.

This isn't the first time Pridgen supported the Central Terminal as the preferred site for a new train station. The Council in October unanimously supported the location in a resolution introduced by Fillmore Councilman David Franczyk. Also being considered  is a downtown site at Canalside.

First Earth Day remembered

The immediate issue before the Council was endorsing a state plan to combat climate change in New York.

But ever the history teacher, Franczyk offered a sort of environmental tour through the years.

"I remember when the EPA was founded by a Republican president – Richard Nixon," Franczyk said, referring to the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

"Donald Ruckelshaus was the first commissioner."

"There was the first Earth Day."

Over the years, Franczyk continued, the Buffalo River and much of Lake Erie has been cleaned up.

Wildlife – including bald eagles – have been returning to the area as pesticide poisoning has been reduced in the air.

But now, the councilman who teaches history at SUNY Buffalo State, continued, it's all in jeopardy.

"The marginal fringe of pseudo-science argues climate change is a hoax, a conspiracy from China or what  have you," he said.

"With this hell or high water attitude, letting industry do what it wants to do to make money – I can't believe we have to fight the fights of the  1960s," he said.

In today's Buffalo News and My colleague Deidre Williams has a story on Buffalo police getting new weapons.

Today's calendar items

  • Buffalo Fiscal Stability Board – aka Buffalo Control Board – meets this afternoon.

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