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Letter: Hold Brown accountable for public housing fiasco

Hold Brown accountable for public housing fiasco

Mayor Byron Brown, who has total control of public housing in Buffalo, has led by example when it comes to management of the over 3,900 units overseen by the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority. He is totally “hands off.”

This “hands off” style has been enthusiastically mimicked by BMHA Executive Director Dawn Sanders-Garrett. Not only has she adopted this style, but she has elevated it to a great scale, traveling around the country from conference to conference spending tens of thousands of dollars.

The BMHA board, appointed by Brown, has also gotten into the act as well, traveling around the country on the taxpayers’ tab.

In addition to the money being spent to help pad her frequent flier mileage, in her absence Sanders-Garrett has left the BMHA rudderless.

From the debacle of the Perry Projects (unoccupied and vacant units being left unsecured and heated, that’s right, heated) to rampant crime in the Langfield Projects, Sanders-Garrett has failed the residents of our public housing.

Also, the old adage “when the cat’s away the mice will play” is not only figuratively but literally true. According to residents of Marine Drive Apartments, Langfield and Perry Projects, rodent infestation is of epic proportions.

Last but not least, what would Brown’s BMHA be without some good old-fashioned cronyism? Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes (a Brown supporter) has her husband, George Stokes, on the BMHA payroll and her goddaughter is none other than Sanders-Garrett.

Brown has failed his constituency. It’s time for him to go!

Arthur Jayes

West Seneca

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