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Letter: Fear of death will not deter a heroin addict

Fear of death will not deter a heroin addict

I have a personal story to relate concerning the article in The News about Gale Burstein, the Erie County health commissioner, and her crusade to fight the opioid and heroin addiction in Western New York.

My neighbor recently died of a heroin overdose. She used drugs as well as sold them. I was always using the tip line to report her and her drug addict “friends” to the authorities. Her “friends” (as they call themselves) showed up at her door day and night 24/7.

It’s been two months since her death and still her “friends” keep showing up at her door looking for drugs. The nightmare of this epidemic lingers for months afterward, even after a death.

Drug addicts are oblivious to the consequences of their plight, and even the death of a “friend” from an overdose isn’t sufficient to bring fear into the thoughts of a heroin addict.

Matthew R. Powenski


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