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Letter: Collins conveniently forgets he’s supposed to work for us

Collins conveniently forgets he’s supposed to work for us

I was so pleased to see in the March 1 edition that Rep. Chris Collins had time to issue 14 tweets during President Trump’s speech. I called the congressman’s office in Washington to get his reaction to the anti-Semitic graffiti in our district. I was told that the congressman did not have a statement but that the office would get back to me. I am still waiting.

I am waiting because Collins is too busy tweeting; introducing “no hope” bills on behalf of the NRA; being Trump’s mouthpiece and bagman; bragging about borderline self-dealing stock trades; and explaining why Russian interference in our domestic affairs is no big deal.

With all of these important activities, no wonder he has no time for other things. Like speaking to all of his constituents, including the ones who do not agree with his views. Or maybe speaking out on the odd coincidence of the re-emergence of virulent anti-Semitism in his district and the election of Trump (the dog whistler in chief).

Chris Collins, you work for us. How about you do your job?

Jim Roistacher


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