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City Hallways (March 7): Ride down Broadway ends at shop selling beautiful clothing

The New Buffalo

A colleague and I drove to the Broadway/Fillmore area yesterday, going from street to street, noticing everything from the sidewalks – many good, some not; the vacant lots, of which there are many; and changing demographics in the historically Polish neighborhood now popular among the city's immigrants and refugees.

We stopped in a small plaza at 1105 Broadway and went into a shop called Peace & Co., which calls itself a place where "Faith Meets Fashion." The store, which opened in May 2016, sells traditional clothing for Muslims.

The young woman working there, who came to the United States from Kenya about a decade ago, pointed out the various styles of dress that are popular in different countries.

A few stores down, we stopped in Madina Pharmacy and spoke with a young man who grew up and attended college in New York City before recently joining his family in Buffalo. His Bangladeshi family moved to Buffalo from New York City, he explained, because of the affordable housing and more relaxed lifestyle.

From  the auto impound

Parking Commissioner Kevin Helfer was explaining the city's auto impound policies yesterday to some city officials.

There's a $30-a-day storage fee when a car is impounded, he said.

If a car is reported stolen, the city waives the fee for the first six days.

The city can legally auction a car off if it's not picked up within 30 days, but the city waits at least 45 days.

Some of the impounded vehicles have less value than the impound fee.

But some unclaimed vehicles still have some life in them,  including one that the city is transferring to the Fire Department and another to the Police Department.

In today's Buffalo News and My colleague Deidre Williams has a story on residents' opposition to Buffalo police getting new weapons.

Today's calendar items

  • Council meeting this afternoon. Weapons issue expected to come up.

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