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Letter: Democrats’ hypocrisy is now on full display

Democrats’ hypocrisy is now on full display

Hypocrisy in the U.S. Congress is on full display. The Democrats, led by Sen. Charles Schumer, are lining up trying to get Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign. Recusing himself in the Russian investigation is not enough for them.

I don’t recall any of them asking Loretta Lynch to resign or, for that matter, to recuse herself from the Hillary Clinton email investigation after Lynch was caught secretly talking to Bill Clinton one-on-one during the investigation. It was just luck that a reporter happened to be in the right place at the right time or the American people would never have heard of it.

How many of the Democratic congressmen had meetings with the Russian ambassador? I know of six. And did anybody happen to see the Russian ambassador sitting with the Democrats when President Trump addressed Congress? He was on national television shaking hands and smiling with the Democrats.

Then there was Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of Congress over the Fast and Furious scandal. Did the Democrats demand that he resign? No, that didn’t happen, because his good friend President Barack Obama asserted executive privilege in all documents relating to the Fast and Furious investigation.

Let’s call this what it is. The Democrats can’t get over the fact that they lost in November, and now all they’re trying to do is block anything Trump is trying to do and discredit every member of his Cabinet any time they can. They keep holding up these hearings so the president cannot get his Cabinet in place. They know that there is nothing they can do except obstruct Trump.

But he will get his Cabinet and at least one Supreme Court justice. There is nothing that Democrats can do about it. So all of the smoke and mirrors and hissy fits will mean nothing in the end. As Obama famously said, elections have consequences.

Nicholas Karam


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