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Amy Moritz Power Take: Mulkey can channel her passion to change culture

Kim Mulkey, the passionate coach of Baylor women’s basketball, said her emotions got the best of her last week when she defended the school, calling on fans to “knock them right in the face” if people said they didn’t want to send their daughters to Baylor. She later apologized, calling it a poor choice of words and bad timing. “Awful things happened here, guys,” Mulkey said. “We failed victims here, but I’m encouraged every day because I see what’s taken place to fix it. … We’ve admitted our mistakes.”

But these are more than just mistakes. Baylor acknowledges at last 17 women reported being raped by 19 football player since 2011 while lawsuits put the number at more than 50 over a four-year period.

It’s no surprise that Mulkey would defend Baylor. And kudos to her for publicly apologizing. But she can do so much more. As a person in a position of relative power in that sports department, she can be an advocate for women. It would be refreshing to see Mulkey channel her passion for Baylor into changing a culture that often allows women to be tossed away in service of wins and protecting the brand.

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