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Wheatfield man draws 40-year sentence for raping two girls

LOCKPORT - Robert W. Pavlisin Jr. of Wheatfield "should never see the light of day" after raping two girls, a prosecutor said Friday.

"He is a predator," said Niagara County First Assistant District Attorney Holly E. Sloma, who said Pavlisin started relationships with adult women in his victims' families only to gain access to the girls.

"I agree with Ms. Sloma's analysis," said County Judge Matthew J. Murphy III, who sentenced Pavlisin to 40 years in prison Friday. "I agree with her observation that you're a sexual predator."

Robert W. Pavlisin Jr.

Pavlisin, 45, of Sy Road, pleaded guilty Oct. 12 to first-degree rape of an 11-year-old girl in 2002, and to second-degree rape, use of a child in a sexual performance and second-degree kidnapping for victimizing a 13-year-old girl early in 2016.

He also admitted to obstructing governmental administration for an hourlong armed standoff with police at a storage building on New Road in Niagara Falls April 22.

The victim of the 2002 rape didn't report it to police until she saw news reports about the standoff, in which Niagara Falls police sought to arrest Pavlisin for raping the 13-year-old.

Sloma said that in the earlier case, Pavlisin had a relationship going with the girl's mother. In the 2016 case, he had started a relationship with the victim's grandmother.

"That was just a front," Sloma charged. "He was there to be around these young girls and victimize them."

In the 2016 case, Pavlisin pleaded guilty to taking cellphone videos of sex acts with the girl in the back of a vehicle.

Sloma said Pavlisin did that "so he could watch himself repeatedly rape and sodomize this 13-year-old girl. I don't see any redeeming qualities about this man, not one."

According to the prosecutor, in a presentencing interview with a probation officer, Pavlisin denied committing any crime against the 2002 victim and accused the more recent victim of  "coming on to him."

Defense attorney Jenelle Messer disputed Sloma's claim that Pavlisin was trying to evade responsibility.

"He pled guilty. I don't know what more responsibility a person can take," Messer said. "At no time has he ever said to me this was anyone's fault but his."

"I do take responsibility, full responsibility. I'm sorry that it happened," Pavlisin said. "I apologize to the victims' family and my family for letting everybody down."

He said he hoped there was "no lasting effect" on the victims, but Sloma said the 13-year-old "still has feelings for him. There's an extraordinarily damaged 13-year-old."

"There was a mother there, a grandmother there who didn't exercise any sort of supervision," Messer said.

The victims were not in the courtroom Friday.

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