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Letter: U.S. militarization has shaped the world

U.S. militarization has shaped the world

The Adam Zyglis editorial cartoon of March 1, “Trump tower,” about military spending, for once didn’t grate as overpartisan or unfair. It instead deserved expansion.

Since America slid into a new scale of militarization in a nightmare civil war, it then was dragged, cajoled and finagled onto the world stage for two world wars. In the aftermath of these, responsibilities and endeavors developed that no one else could dream of taking on or would want to, which we took on, or were stuck with. These pursuits shaped the world we’re in.

Mistakes were made, bureaucracies burgeoned, but did our leaders earn the accusations leveled by intelligentsias who hardly welcome criticism themselves? We should, of course, be critical about what we think of taking on, but our military needs will be huge, regardless.

The joke between the world wars was that a right-wing isolationist thinks that the world’s not good enough for us, and a left-wing isolationist thinks that we’re not good enough for the world. This genie has since outgrown his bottle.

Dan Hoffman


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