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Letter: One has to wonder what Trump is trying to hide

One has to wonder what Trump is trying to hide

Lucky for us that “freedom of the press” is guaranteed by our Constitution. If not, there very well could have been another executive order shutting it down. Our president would have us believe most news is “fake news.” On that issue, he should be an expert, given some of his appointees and their use of the media to attack anyone who has an opinion different from theirs. We are fortunate that most reporters are honest and ethical individuals who try to report the news as factually as they can.

President Trump’s constant “braying” regarding fake news makes me wonder what he is afraid of and what he is hiding that he doesn’t want us to know. Is it the dysfunction that he has brought to our government? Is it the attack on the poor struggling to have health insurance and a better education?

Leaks pertaining to his opponents are acceptable, while leaks pertaining to him aren’t. Perhaps if he were less confrontational, the media and others would be more willing to tolerate him. As a so-called businessman, he was able to use his money and power to bully people. Countries with different cultures, agendas and value systems do not bully so easily. Where are all those negotiating skills he brags about?

Having traveled in some of the poorer countries of the world when I was younger, and able to see how some people live, I have always felt that I was lucky to live in this great country. Being the same age as Trump, I have seen how our country has become greater with each generation. We are not perfect and we may never be, but we were making progress. I question where he has been for the past 70 years that he feels we need to become “great again.” When were we greater? Give me some examples when we weren’t and stop the “braying.”

Gary Morehouse


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