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Trump tops Oscars rating, but not Obama in 2009

Today's blog is in honor of President Trump's obsession with TV ratings.

His speech to Congress Tuesday night did a "bigly" – or is it "big league?" – local rating compared with Sunday's Oscar telecast, but not compared with then-President Obama's first speech to Congress eight years earlier.

Of course, Trump had an advantage over the Oscars: He was on multiple channels at once.

The four local network affiliates and the top three cable news channels combined for a 26.1 rating Tuesday. That easily made it the highest-rated program of the week locally, with the 16.4 rating for the Oscars on WKBW-TV second.

Die-hard local Trump voters stand by their man

However, the Trump rating doesn't approach the local rating that Obama had for his first speech to Congress on Feb. 24, 2009.

The Obama speech received a 32.2 local rating on the four local network affiliates and top three cable channels.

Trump's speech did get a higher local rating than Obama's final State of the Union address (16.0) in 2016 and his farewell address on Jan. 10 (19.7).

In other local rating news: NBC's "The Voice" came back strong Monday on Channel 2 with a 10.7 rating and an 8.8 rating on Tuesday. It beat ABC's "The Bachelor" (4.9) on Monday here by more than a 2-1 margin.

The Monday premiere of the highly promoted NBC series "Taken" had a 6.5 local rating, which is strong for a 10 p.m. entertainment program. However, the time slot was won by CBS' "Scorpion" (7.5). And a closer look reveals that local viewers weren't quite taken with "Taken." It lost viewers every 15 minutes. It started with a 7.5 rating and ended with a 5.5 rating, which is almost a 40 percent drop.

Jimmy Kimmel's critically praised work as the Oscar host led to a local bump Monday for his late-night program carried by Channel 7, but it still finished third in the time slot. CBS' "The Late, Late Show with Stephen Colbert" continued its local surge on the night Jon Stewart was a guest. It had a 4.5 rating. "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" had a 2.7 rating on Channel 2.

Things were back to normal Tuesday. A live "Colbert" after Trump's speech had a 3.7 rating, with Fallon second with a 3.1 and Kimmel deep in third with 1.3.

The Sabres' 5-4 loss to Nashville opposite President Trump's speech had a 6.7 rating, which is about its season average.

Part 1 of the heavily-promoted premiere of the ABC miniseries docudrama "When We Rise," which documents the struggle for LGBTQ rights over almost a half century, Monday only had a 1.2 live rating on Channel 7. It grew to a still disappointing 2.0 for part 2 on Wednesday.


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