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Letter: Winning at all costs trumps moral integrity

Winning at all costs trumps moral integrity

The presidency of Donald Trump has divided the citizens of this country right down to the closest of kin. Not since the Civil War have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands seen their once inviolable bonds of family unity stretched to their limits; often experiencing a complete irreversible break. How could this have happened again?

I believe it all comes down to where one stands in regard to the question: “Do the ends justify the means?” Even if the kinder, more sensitive Trump were able to accomplish any of the myriad promises he spits out like pumpkin seed shells, the means he used to achieve his place at the dais was shameful.

Keep in mind that the various means used by Trump to become president will now serve as the justification for future generations behaving in like manner. If you admonish your child for mocking the handicapped, he simply can say that Trump did it and he became president If your child gives cruel and derisive names to his fellow schoolmates, he can say it didn’t stop Trump from succeeding. When your son brags about his ability as a sexual predator, you can beam with pride that he’s following in the footsteps of Trump. Your son sees that he can lie with impunity because Trump has shown that the American people are too lazy to learn the lessons of the past.

So how can we celebrate any accomplishment by this manipulative administration that has shown a penchant for lying? History will record that this president’s actions will be the fruits of a poisonous tree, but unfortunately future generations will have learned the lesson that winning at all costs trumps moral integrity.

Robert J. Wegrzynowski


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